Reviews for "WaxOware"

This game is so funny! I'm missing game slike this for real... Great Jbo! :)

Jajajajja!! Uodak uamdw ijar! Great game, chap! Keep 'em comin'! =D

Really funny it's like a Wtf Game with some mini games
Really like to play it and a lot of laught :D
I didn't knew that we can do something like this with stencyl

whew, just finished the game in HARD mode, finally got to see the "Love Ending", I guess
being a veteran warioware player helped, here are some advice for the seemingly difficult

Sauna mini-game: Press D when the timer hits 2.
Back Shave mini-game: Pull from the upper-right (horizontal-wise), not the whole pad just the area near the upper-right.
Last mini-game: Do it as fast as you can, since your "health" decreases, and the last segment requires as much "health" as possible. here are the sequences you do:

1. Massage the squared area with the brush (Brush button)
2. Apply Strip (Strip button)
3. Massage with the gloves. (Hand Glove button)
4. Rip it. (Rip button)
5. Rinse and Repeat (5x)
6. Trace a circle on area by holding the LMB and slowly tracing the figure shown.
7. Mash "D" like there's no tomorrow.

Great game, liked how you referenced DBZ and Trauma Center in a wario-esque type of game.

Utterly amazing. I like it a lot.