Reviews for "WaxOware"

Played till lvl 10, didnt enjoy the game one bit.
It's shallow, boring and not funny.
Atleast in my opinion

man wat a great game

wtf did I just played? reached lv12, not even funny

Some people may think this game is crap, due to scrawly (MS Paint) graphics and cheesy animations.
But maybe those people never heard of "Hot Pixel" for PSP (look it up).

I'm pretty sure the creator of this game knows Hot Pixel and wanted to create a clone.
I'd be surprised if all the resemblances just happened accidentally.
Either way, it's a good game if you stay patient (cool) and get comfy to each mini game's rules,
so you are instantly prepared and know what to do, when the game randomly picks the next challenge.

It may has it certain bugs (i.e. game tells me I failed, but I reached the "Exit" in time or the barber game sometimes doesn't respond properly to my clicks - but maybe that's just me), but it's playable.

If we look at it as a time killer, I'd give it a 4.
If we compare it to a real game with depth and all that stuff, I'd give it a 2.
I guess 3 1/2 is okay. ;)


Not a bad game but not be able to choose arrows instead of wasd downed it two points.