Reviews for "WaxOware"

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and at no point did I think it was impossible, even in hard mode. The boss stage was a little difficult to understand at first, but it's all doable. Great job!

really fun game love it. I agree with the laptop friendly thing but then again it was meant to be used with a mouse. Beat the normal mode with a laptop

I really like the tone of the game and even the story of it. My only real complaint is that a lot of the games aren't lap top friendly and make it difficult to complete because of that. Finished it in the library with an actual mouse, but still a complaint. Looking forward to more microgames in the future!

Everyone hating on this game... This game is a fantastic tribute to WarioWare, being developed in the same manner with a funnyish story. The graphics, gameplay, and controls are all bad because they are meant to be bad. Overall this game was great if you get it.

Bad graphics. Bad sound. Bad controls. There isn't anything redeeming about this at all.