Reviews for "WaxOware"

Not an original idea of the slightest. Though, still a good twist on it.
Some of the games are too simple, to the point where they aren't enjoyable. It hit the mark of simpleness, but left a sloppy mess where the gamer has to decide whether they want to continue the game or not.

On a side note.. Is it me, or does the elevator look like Plank from "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" when you succeed in a WaxOGame?

This game is very addictive for some reason. I like it.

Hey SavePointJonny, I heard this dumb company Nintendo copied your flash game and called it WarioWare. They made a worse version though so you're safe

Something wrong: when it says "tear 5" and i do it, it counts it as a failure. It's been 3 game overs because of that

wtf is this