Reviews for "WaxOware"

haha weird game. i always loose on the part where it says escape and you have to climb around on the ladders.

Nice, just what I expect from a mini-game game...perfect art, audio, animation (could be a more detailed/proportionate/professional), I only wish the game were harder...you either do something or you don't...don't skill involved, for example, in the shaving games, it should be harder than just clicking and holding.

Looking at the comments below I see that not too many people played any of WarioWare games, and that makes me sad. As for the game itself - really great recreation of microgames style in flash, except is just normal mode boss was very confusing about the fact that I couldn't win - if you at least said in the beginning normal mode has different ending then it'd be better. Also, "Escape" (the one with multiple floors and nurses) microgame is too hard/complicated compared to rest, especially since you don't really get enough time for escape.

It was somewhat hard for me to understand this game. I found it weird how the graphics seemed so off. I thought at first, I only had to succeed in one out of three games. I will at least admit that this game was creative. You truly have no idea what wacky challenge is going to come up next. The animation seemed to have things moving all over the place.

I don't know much about getting wax anywhere. That's probably why I'll never do it myself. Everything was in fact represented in a pretty clear cut manner. I appreciate you trying to make something unique. It's not really the kind of game for me, though.

Not bad, found my way giggling through some part, the "boss part" threw me at near the end with the mashing of the D