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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

My Swedish is a bit rusty so here I go: Detta är en stor Flash-animation. Fortsätt med det stora arbetet.

Great Flash 5/5!

great art and animation. not sure on how i feel about the music but it works. Keep up the awesome work. you earned these 5 stars, as i do not give them to just anyone!

Really like the unique art an music, but it's just too slow paced...

the visual production value of this is fantastic!!!!!! but the music really doesn't go with anything. The action in the animation is much slower paced than the track and overall the music was overwhelming and distracted me from enjoying the film. Props go for trying to do something a little bit outside the norm but didn't quite work how it should be.

Miss lirysc. I add English translation this song for all.
Enjoy singing.

Somewhere from beneath that black water
A young uhlan mounts his horse
He tenderly bids farewell to his girl
Even more tenderly to the Ukraine

Hey, hey, hey falcons
Pass the mountains, forests, pits
Ring, ring, ring my little bell
In the steppe
Ring, ring, ring

Sorry, sorry for the girl
For the green Ukraine
Sorry, sorry, one's heart is weeping
I'll never see you again


She, she remained there
My little swallow, my baby
In the green Ukraine
At my beloved girl's place


Wine, wine, wine, wine give it to me
And when I die bury me
In the green Ukraine
At my beloved girl's place