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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

Really solid animating, this is confirmed when the cannon ball is fired.. great angles. Also, just a really intense animation.. a lot happening, fast pace, crazy (but good) soundtrack.. My only criticism is that although these factors combine to make something really cool, they also combine to be the one shortcoming of the animation: it makes everything sort of confusing.. I feel like there was a relatively deep narrative going on but because there was no actual narrative and a lot of everything else, it sort of gets lost.. but still, I liked it.

good to see more of your work and it is an interesting story they were 2 halfs of the same guy and when they came into contact they merged kinda sad how the girl gets left behind though

If you see a guy with matching freckles let him hug you, because then he'll dissappear and your castle will get another rainbow bridge.

GoshaDole responds:

It's actually his son.

So... the good guys are going to war against the bad guy because in the past the bad guy caused a rip in the sky. The hero has a girlfriend and is given a... thing... from an old man. They go into the evil guy's base, all die, and the hero does... something... reveals he's the bad guy's... brother... clone... and the bad guy decides to do... something... that seems to please the old man and the hero's girlfriend, who then learns the hero is dead and is sad.

And to understand all this I had to watch the animation three times.

Your style is pretty neat. It's cute and colorful, but I can still feel there's something important happening. The music didn't "a priori" fit the story or the style, but I kinda like how it mixes up, clashing at times and mixing at others.

However, as the animator might have noticed, from the other comments, it's really hard to understand what's happening. The colors are too bright, blend too much, and each scene goes too fast for us to understand what's going on, and often I couldn't even identify the characters involved in each frame. I think having two parts to the video, one with a smoother song to introduce the elements of the story and one for the action itself, would have been one way to help us understand what's going on. Or else work on the style a little bit, add some outlines, make sure the colors don't blend together so much, make sure everything goes slower so we can understand or work on the transitions. It wasn't so easy to understand that the flashback was a flashback, either.

I liked the style, the pacing and the music, and the story seemed good, but it was just too confusing.

Wait... I don't... but... what happened??!?!