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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

at the end, the cyborg docter was pushing arms with the vampire from the ''oh, oh, oh, sexy vampire'' music video! lol great song though!

It's cute and colorful, but that can only take you so far. First off the animation is...slow. I don't know if it my computer, but since everyone has this problem I'm gonna assume it's just slow. Second the song doesn't fit at all, but it was a good song. And finally, you do a terrible job of conveying the story. This isn't necessary a bad flash, I just don't like it. It was the same with Pussy Game: cute things being cute, that is all this is to me. I just personally hate your style in general to me it feels lifeless. I don't why its like that, but that's just how I read it.

I find the art style for this particular flash to very cute and the colors flow together fluently. I love this Chibi style that you have constructed, and overall the video is polished over nicely. The animation is well done, and even though I had a slightly hard time following what was going on, i could still follow the storyline to the end. The song has lots of flow and different melodies and tempos that keep it interesting enough where it doesn't sound repetitive and obnoxious at some points like other electronica music now of days.

Overall it has a great art style, animation, and the song is a pleasure to the ears. Only problem i had was having a time following was happening at points, but generally, most music video's have that issue.

siriusly, there things in this world that i cant really undestand

Okay, I'm going to say right now I have no dea what "Hej Sokoly" is all about. Given how this is the Internet, I wouldn't be surprised if it became popular. I was thinking this would be a music video, but it really wasn't. It barely had any spoken words and mostly lyrics. Through all of this, I still thought it was extremely enjoyable. I had no idea what was going on, but it was great to watch.

I am really starting to notice your style. I guess it must take a heck of a long time to make these cartoons because the last one of yours I reviewed was a long time ago. I just think the characters look so adorable, like chibi Powerpuff Girls. As if Powerpuff Girls weren't chibi enough! Fun for any fan of music.