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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

I dont get it

It's nice ... I like it

I understand everything (after watching it 8 times)! (with a few assumptions)
With a fast computer, I did not have any trouble with the FPS.
I'd say I like the angles and the characters of the Assult-Team.
To update Gabrael's interpretation, (in chronological order *not in the order of the flash since there was a flash back)
The Falcon and Bear Kingdoms were working together to build some terraforming device that needed power from both kingdoms. The two leaders were at the controls when it was first turn on. The Bear leader decides to push the machine to max output, causing the machine to go out of control. His actions causes his wife be incinerated, along with his arm, and he also thinks he lost his son. The Bear leader blames the Falcon leader for faulty machine and the deaths of his family. (Hence War, cutting of communications) Unknown to him, the Falcon leader saved his son and has raised him.

16-21 years later, The Falcon leader sends the Son and his team to deliver a message to the Bear about the need of peace and repowering the terraforming device. The assult happens, they team gets to the chamber of the Bear's Leader. Then the court wizard pauses time all for everyone who doesn't have (x trait... Bear blood, 3 or more dots on there head, some qualifier). The court guard proceeds to kill off the team. The Son, being immune, just as his Father, jumps on him. The father stabs the hero with his metal arm, which reveals to him that he just killed his own son.

At this, the Father recognizes that he was the one responsible for killing his family, not the Falcon Leader/Kingdom and starts to power the terraforming device again... ergo peace between the kingdoms?

GoshaDole responds:

You got a lot of it yes! The Falcons are just the name of the main characters team though though, not the name of the kingdom (in reference to what the song is about)! I plan on doing a blog post soon to explain a lot of what you said sometime soon.

Although I didn't really understand the story and what was going on, the animation is so good that it makes up for that. Nice work!

Well...That Escalated Quickly...Never the less, that animation was smooth, and awesome to say the least.