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Reviews for "Hej Sokoly"

The animation was great, the song was good, the plot was maybe a bit simple, but conveyed well despite the lack of words.

My favorite part was probably the character designs. Particularly the guy with the display goggles.

The story is simple. The video the antagonist was watching was a past video footage of him and the King. The antagonist lost his wife that day. Then the two kingdoms became enemies. Also in that old footage, the king could only save the child of the antagonist. But the antagonist thought he lost both his wife and child.

The king sent out the antagonists child to deliver a treaty. But of course, things went bad. The antagonist ended up killing his own son in a year old grudge against the other kingdom. That's why he was crying when he contacted the King. Because he killed the child he thought he lost years ago.

I like it.... but I don't get it, but what ever. -.-

I don't get it

hah good one u used a polish song remix xD pozdro