Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

I Disagree. The show is verry well writen and acturaly petty funny. The creaters are clearly fans of the Loony Tunes as each and every character is in a rightfully place. Like how the Big red monster is the child of the Witch. What I think is that people dont like change. People are used to the toons running around being crazy and this is just a different environment for them. If you really watch you'll see there the same crazy characters.

I disagree with you about the looney tunes show. It has still the wackiness of the former looney tunes; Bugs being the smart common sense guy, Daffy the selfish jerk, Porky the shy one etc etc. But this time in a sitcom wrapped up. Today there are many sitcoms on tv especially comedy central. This looney tunes is more for elder kids, and less slapstick doesn't make it that bad. I watched the old looney tunes and now im thinking that it is childish more for kids. It will never be the same of course but it is like improvising, nobody like remakes, because that is cheap.

right on man im totally with you on this the new show pales in comparison to the original

Nothing wrong here. In fact its very right. Looney Toons just needs to stop while its ahead.

I think you hit the nail right on the head. I remember when my nephews were watching this, and I realized: "...This show has been going for five minutes and no one has tried to hunt or eat anyone else. This is not Looney Tunes." I just discovered your stuff, but I think it's funny. I can see how some people would get upset (particularly on the MLP and AT reviews), but this one is spot on.