Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

Wonderful, pretty much what I think happened to that show. It could have been great, but they ruined it by changing the characaters basic format on which they used to thrive on. I still like them, but they just aren't as great as they used to be.

This is possibly the spiritual successor to Foamy's Rant and YAAFM!

Your character's thoughts on the show sum up what most cartoon/animation historians think of this. To be honest, I have only seen the trailer and it wasn't funny. Plus, Bugs' new look is awful when you consider that they could have used any of his earlier designs. But I digress...

Animation: Unlike Foamy and Reginald, you actually took the time to make Doggy seem lively with clever usage with cutouts to simulate gesture and eyebrow subtlety. There are so many people who scoff at minimalism, but if there's something that is to be learned: Details DON'T make good pictures. However, your background could have used better colors.
Sound: Still good as the last episodes, so no complaints here.
Content: As a fan of the original Looney Tunes (1928-1956), I have to concur that most classic cartoon redoes usually turn out to suck except for a scant few. While the formula is similar to those two aforementioned series, it was still funny none-the-less. However, I think that this could have been funnier had Doggy's critique been a bit more caustic. That and you overlooked Baby Looney Tunes. On the other hand, it has a reasonable filesize, which is nice.

The Good:
-Somewhat funny
-Nice use of cutouts
-Good music and voice acting
-Sums up how I feel about the trailer I saw

The Bad:
-The background could have used better colors
-Could have been funnier if taken further

Overall: I think a nine from me would be appropriate for this one. (4.5/5)

While I am 15 I do sometimes wake up so early that I will catch an episode or two of the OLD Looney Tunes and I gotta say, I would much prefer to see Bugs making an ass of the idiots he runs into then watch him deal with Daffy duck as a retard, and all the other characters as well, fuck you sorta already said it, Looney Tunes+bad sitcoms=Looney Tunes show. (But yeah they still air the old looney tunes on cartoon network at like 6 in the morning once they flip the switch back from adult swim if anyone would like to see some old Looney Tunes, or you could just buy the DVD's that I'm sure exist somewhere.)

This show actually isnt horrible, and this toon was funny. The only problem I have, I HAD COMPLETLY FORGETTEN LOONATICS. THANKS FOR REGURJATATING THAT BACK INTO MY MEMORY. Otherwise funny short, I liked it.

I tried watching the new Looney Tunes and Lunatics Unleashed when each one came out....Can't say I liked those very much. One person here mentioned, though, about giving characters like these a "fresh start" and that is true too. Some changes I like, some others I don't, but if it keeps them going then at least that. Nice commentary :)