Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

Fuck TV. Nothing is EVER good on it. I'm sticking to youtube.

A point very well made. Nothing like the old shows. The new ones are just plain shit.
Well done :D

Pretty good overall.

The Looney Toons Show is a boring piece of garbage even though the original Looney Toons in all their pre-internet era glory is shown daily.

Why did you have to remind me of Lunatics it made my nads hurt at that flaming piece of crap.

Also when did originality and creativity become illegal while plot recycling became an enforced law under penalty of cancellation?

Thank Doodley For This Movie Kids Will Love it Thanks Doodley!! Bye

Well, the opinions expressed in your flash do reflect MY opinions. I was fine with the updates to the design and concepts -- I agree with the new designer that the Warner model sheets weren't etched in stone in 1954. But the new show is just so damn unfunny.

As for your flash cartoon: good sound, decent animation, good idea. I dock it half a star for not being longer, more in-depth, having more animation, and/or more vitriolic. It really is a godawful show for so many reasons.