Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

Cartoons nowadays are a farcry compared to what it used to be. There are a few good stuff on, keeping the industry afloat, but if we don't create good quality stuff soon, the industry'll collapse. Thanks for the show ^^

I understand your perspective, but they still play old school looney toons really early in the morning (3AM Pacific, i know because i leave the TV on and stay up late) I don't like what they tried to do with it either. It's a classic gone sour.

This wasent very funny but you are right

I like your point of view

The episode is funny as ever, there's nothing else that I can truly say. But, the one thing I actually thought was, I couldn't remember what the Loonatics was! So, I went to good old youtube and watched a few episodes. In my opinion, it's actually a pretty good show. Sure, the idea itself is kinda stupid, but, the animation and sounds are beautiful! Anyways, great job as always!