Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 14"

I am appalled that Warner is still milking loony toons.
Honestly, they have over 60 years of Cartoon content. Damn Good Content at that. Kids who where born in the 21'st century havent seen all of it. Why cant they just stick to what they have without adulterating it. Its smarter, funnier, kids parents can watch it with the kids, and free, since they dont have to spend money making a new series. Whats the need to update anyway? Sure a good portion of the old stuff has dated coldwar references, but kids don't know its dated. Hell, kids dont get most of the references in loony toons at all, that's what makes them great. you watch them when your little and their funny because their silly, a couple years later you see a rerun of the same episode and you pick up a few hidden messages, go back as an adults and what the hell, that's dirty.
I don't know whos idea it was to make a the loony toons play in a bunch of sterile, stale sitcom plots, but they should be shot in the head.
If they want to make a new show, what is so hard about just inventing new characters, tailored for the show? It opens up more plot possibilities, makes for a more intriguing story, and makes the program all around better. I can see spinoffs looking like extra dollars to some people, but there's a point where your just shooting yourself in the foot.

Nice animation and movie, but well,thething why loony tues make the .. sperlooney or what are they called is because kids whanasee that. Like Ive seen Daffy the sSorcerer, it was a short clip, but It wa s aduck doing magics and it had nice animation and cick with boobs, big bobs, so I guess you understand what I'm trying to say, theymake what people want.

The animation was meh, but the monologue conveyed more than the general purpose.

And I agree, the writers for cartoons these days are making what was once a proud and serious art form and turned it into complete and utter crap. People aren't trying to make anything that was actually good anymore. Rehashing and regagging the same old gags. The degradation of content that was once good into the likes of a rusty water fountain that leaks and tastes of milk from the erosion of calcium in the pipes. I truly wish that we could make content back to the prime and culture that was in the past. The level of creativity that had inspired millions. That's what we need.

But how since the internet is filled to the brim with cancer?


Cute video. But.. I disagree with the critic. For one, tiny toons was amazing! It was a shiny new loony toons, and it worked really well. Even more characters than loony toons, and each character was written well enough that they could easily produce more cartoons than the original loony toons and still maintain freshness. The sum up the donald duck bunch with quack attack and say that quack attack was also great. Even the new goofy movies were great. Now new out of this context is pretty old.. but still... those were some great cartoons.