Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

This game was fun! It was easy to learn but hard to master.

What I enjoyed: I liked the switching between three characters aspect (very Trine-inspired) and enjoyed the combos that each character had. I also liked the fact that the combos were introduced gradually, making them easier to learn, as well as the fact that the combo inputs were the same for each robot. I also wanted to say that I thought the extra lives based on collected achievements was nice since it made me actually have a reason to try and collect them.

What I didn't enjoy: For one, R2 attacked so slow and had such low reach that usually just switching to him would see me getting pummeled until I managed to launch a couple kicks, which were the only attacks R2 could make any use of; his combos were too slow and his reach was too short to pull off before getting interrupted. Some of the later robots attack near constantly and I found myself using R1 and R3 exclusively, bringing out R2 only for groups of Red and Blue enemies. It wasn't so bad that R2 was unplayable, it was just that he was certainly unpreferable. The bosses had an odd difficulty curve too. The Blue boss could simply be pummeled to death by R3. The Yellow boss was slightly more annoying with the Scorpion form but that also wasn't too hard to pummel. The Red bosses (yes, plural)? Obliterated me in a matter of seconds. I didn't stand a chance. I don't mind tough bosses, but this was a bit ridiculous. Just one of those things would've been enough to be a challenge, but two is nigh impossible. Another thing, I would've like the Desperation moves a lot more if they just knocked enemies away and down for a second rather than damage them slightly and that's it. If it's supposed to be a "oh shit, I'm surrounded, gotta do something" move then it'd have been nice for it to break flanks rather than just do a little damage. Finally, I didn't manage to successfully complete a single elevator challenge just because of the thirty million different combinations that you have to choose from. Maybe I'm just not good at it but it felt like a lot to sort through. A "scroll back" button for that would be helpful too, since the alternative is to scroll all the way through again. Maybe make a button you can hold to smoothly scroll? Could possibly help.

Overall, this game is definitely worth playing! I really enjoyed it, so don't let my criticism make it seem otherwise. I'm just giving my feedback on how I think the game could be improved. A 4.5 for being fun and interesting, if needing just a *wee bit* more polish to be perfect.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for your thorough review, ErtGertDDert. R2 is certainly the hardest robot to master, because of his sluggishness. However, he has the most Stamina and Strength and if you try to use more running/rolling while playing with him you'll find him really useful. I agree with most of your points and will consider them if I make part 2.

Wow, man. Three years? I hope you didn't quit a job to work on it or anything.

wow three retarded robots... so fun

Yeah, Tribot Fighter Looks Like Primary...

RatherRandomReality responds:

Hehehe, I knew someone will mention that :) Keep in mind, I started working on this before Primary was submitted to Newgrounds. Yep, that long ago.

catches your attention great game