Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

good game but in the yellow level no one reaches that floor can you tell me :3

A good brawler with pretty good controls but there are a few minor issues. The bots are arranged, in order as medium, heavy, light, which is kind of counterintuitive. It would be easier to remember as light, medium, heavy. The heavy (yellow) robot isn't very useful so he doesn't get used much, but maybe that just a matter of preference. More importantly, the game pauses every time you get a new combo which is a little annoying since you have to press X which isn't a very handy. But the only thing that I would really consider a problem is that some of the combos are incorrectly listed. (the high kick was D S Forward not S D forward)

This a great game. You can really see that the creator put a lot of thought into designing it. He doesn't make it incredibly simple and bland instead he gives each character their own design suited for certain situations. For example Red has the largest jump stat but cannot overcome certain heights. That is where Blue comes in. Blue which has the highest speed and a normal jump stat allows him to cross heights red may not. Then we have the placement of enemies and the many ways available to deal with them. You need to utilize the potential of your Tribots or else you'll lose

Overall its a great game but is their a way to reduce quality? Or am I just missing something

RatherRandomReality responds:

Right click to choose quality, I'll add it to the instructions. Thanks for playing!

Really got into it, but it was really challenging, especially when your surrounded by tons and that one robot is the same color as you. I saw some strategy involved here actually, I fought those long lanky robots with R3, becuase R1 reach was way to short. Good job.

Poor controls