Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

no save slot so i could continue my old game? no ranged attacks like a laser-rocket-hadoken or a gun? no final form that combines all three other forms? no double jump or a jetpack?

RatherRandomReality responds:

There are ranged attacks for the patient ones - the last two special abilities that R1 learns.

cools graphics and nice animation but thats about it.
the story is paper thin
the elevator challenges seem like an afterthough and really don't seem to add to the game
whenever you get suround even using he 'deperation move you always get hit a few times
for whatever reason you added ranged enemies with no way for countering them other than getting pummeled as you walk over to them
the platforming is clumsily done and unnecessary most notably the yellow zone level with a nearly impassible gap
overall it doesn't seem like you really put 3 years into this game

RatherRandomReality responds:

There is no impassible gaps. You are not using your true Tribot potential. Go to Tribopedia page 2 of 6 and read carefully about the strengths of all robots. Thanks for playing!

I must say, I really enjoyed this game! Although there's a wall in level three that you cannot jump over or bypass in any way. Overall, nice game!

RatherRandomReality responds:

There is a way. Go to Tribopedia page 2 of 6 and read carefully about the strengths of all robots. Thanks for playing!

Well, initial thoughts aren't too great. The narrator is very cheesy, reminds me of that Soul Calibur 2 crap before each battle. Also the opening cinematic is badly placed, I don't feel any connection to the hero at a time when I'm supposed to feel very sympathetic with his goals.
The combat has an Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis issue. I can see you have all of these weird special attacks you want me to use to improve my combat ability but each time I go into a string of attacks and try to break up the monotony with a combo, I get hit and knocked back. The easiest and most efficient way to plow through enemies is to just mash attack buttons, in fact I rarely get hit if I do it that way. One could argue that I'm "playing the game wrong," but it's a way the game allows me to play, so I'm gonna use it, especially since it follows the Dominant Strategy theory of gaming. The only difficulty within the earlier levels is very artificial, if you get caught changing your robot then you will get hit and you will lose a sizable chunk of health.
As a matter of fact, the only difficulty in this game is rather artificial, it's one thing to avoid attacks using some wicked cunning intended by the game and get hit if you screw up, it's another thing entirely to be faced with an angry mob of robots who, when it comes down to it, is going to lay down one or two unavoidable shots on you.
There's little immersion factor here either, all the levels seem so similar to each other and hitting has a generic fist-on-skin sound while getting hit has a more appropriate metal-clanking sound. There's clearly a storyline somewhere in here but I just don't feel attached to it at all. There's no reason to try and give the character a back-story if you aren't going to develop it or justify the character's personality at all.
Honestly this game doesn't feel incomplete. It feels very finished, but it looks like a polished mess of rushed decisions. It's honestly very hard to imagine this taking three years to complete. It's very shiny and the graphics and animations are nice and smooth, but that just can't hold up the rest of the game.

Robot kept getting stuck in a walk to the right. I couldnt get it to stop walking right no matter what quality I used. Made the game uplayable for me.