Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

I like this game, because it has a great deal of character. I also respect the fact that you wanted to make it difficult.

The only thing I didn't like is HOW you made it difficult. Making a technically challenging brawler is excellent. Making a brawler that is hard primarily because enemies attack twice as fast as you do and are able to break your combo AND stunlock you with a single hit...

Well, I'll just say that I like it, and I think it has a great deal of potential. Still needs work, though.

RatherRandomReality responds:

It does need work. On your side ;) You can get better... And also, you posses a robot who attacks faster than any enemy out there. Thanks for playing!

did not enjoy the way the fights were set up.

I am impressed. I like games where the character has multiple forms, or in this case tag-team, and with puzzles thrown into the mix. I agree that the bots could be a bit more balanced, but I'd say this is a preference issue. Overall, this is a very good game. It looks nice, feels nice and retro, and genuinely entertaining. Could do with some more depth to the background art and maybe polish some of the moves, the team is obviously very talented and I hope they bring something out again real soon.

slight problem on the first level on the yellow part of the tower couldn't make the jump after you get R1s fire punch. otherwise great game

RatherRandomReality responds:

There is no problem, you can do it :)

I didn't completely understand the name "Tribot Fighter", i thought the goal was to beat the other 2 robots, but when i read the description and watched the intro.... I was suprised, a true balance of three fighters and the game itself is challenging.

Bravo, friend,bravo, i could feel that you really placed alot of hardwork in this. And by the way, nice story and R1 is my fave,I like him being the fastest.( and i think that he;s overpowered)