Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

Some games are like this but they are bad , this one has something that make it much better , it is the best!

R2 is hideously overpowered (giving one robot the best damage output, the best health, AND attacks which hit a ridiculous number of times to reach Turbo mode really quickly is kind of stupid), but otherwise this is a very solid beat-em-up.

RatherRandomReality responds:

It took a lot of balancing to make it so different players would have different favorite robots, rather than having one robot that is better than the rest. R2 just happens to be your favorite. It may surprise you, but many people hate R2 and only use him if they must, because he is too slow for their particular style of fighting. Thanks for playing!

I wasn't all that interested at first, but it certainly got better the longer I played it! It was interesting with how each robot was unique. That did put you at a disadvantage when two different kinds were attacking you at the same time. The music was quite omnious. As it was made around Halloween, I couldn't help but think that was intentional. Oh, and I hope you had a happy one!

It was fun to see the robots change like that. I don't even know how I got control of the red skinny one. None of them seemed to jump high enough to get a certain powerup, though. It's really a fairly unique game. I found out I prefer kicks to punches.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Sometimes you don't have to jump HIGH enough. You have to jump FAR enough ;)
Thanks for playing, Ericho!

im a fan of the traditional robot hurf a derf but this is slightly better! 4.5!

I like this game, though it is hard and frustrating to deal with ranged enemies of your same color while being gang banged by other colored robots all at the same time, right after the famous 3rd lvl gap that you can only pass by running and jumping as the blue one. I think this should have been revised, but good animations. The hit detection on your robot should be improved, singing off.