Reviews for "Snazzle"

This game was amazing! The music was nice and the puzzles were challenging.
I love puzzle games where there can be more than one solution.
Level 14 with 10 arrows (rather than 13)
Level 15 with 18 arrows (rather than 24)
make more games plz

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks I will :)

Pretty good speed and concept, but seriously...only one button for four directions? I didn't bother started having to erase blocks...can't you just have it so you click to select the block...then press a direction on the keyboard? and click again to erase? I hate having to place all the blocks again...and forgetting them (actually...why DON'T you have a erase button already?)

I did level 7 with only 5 arrows.

Very smart puzzle.

Awsome game got all the Medals! Very simple!