Reviews for "Snazzle"

very puzzling
I got lvl 12 in 19 arrows,
try to top that

amidos2006 responds:

wooow :) I must beat that :D can you send me a hint :D

very nice game wirth good gfx gameplay and very addictiv
you should include a back to menu button in game and maybe a way to remember you best try (intresting for optimising and getting all in minimum arrows)

and btw i found a way to do lvl 12 with 23 arrows instead of 26

amidos2006 responds:

thats nice could you send to me ur solution :) btw escape return to main menu at any time :)

GOOD game! It doesn't matter if its polished or plain simple, a good game is a good game!

PS: Medals aren't working :(

amidos2006 responds:

?? thats weird may be something wrong with newgrounds server I will report that :)

Nice one! My only complaint is that it was a bit laggy, at least for me. But anyways, nice concept and slick design

A really cool minimalistic game!
Can't get past the 8th level though :(