Reviews for "Snazzle"

A really cool minimalistic game!
Can't get past the 8th level though :(

Good strategy/puzzle game. Didn't lag at all for me.
It was simple fun until the 8th level, then things got complicated.
It loses its novelty after many levels and the pixelated look becomes an eyesore.
You could add some bright textures and make it pleasing to look at.
The medals work fine.

It's a good game, but not one that will receive a lot of attention.
Good Luck!

Damn! This is boring. Please, just make another version of it simply changing colours and music, so we can play it without risking to fall asleep. Anyway, i'm giving you 4/5.

i like infact you desrve these four stars i would give it five but i dont realy like that type of game but this is the game that mostly impressed me so here you go you deserve it

amidos2006 responds:

thank you :)

level 8 . . . it hates me