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Reviews for "Snazzle"

very nice addicting game with chilly music

Excellent game!

Got up to level 6, and I really like the design here. The idea to plot out the snake's moves as though it were almost a puzle-strategy game is very cool. I think this really ups the ante for reboots of old games. I can see this being incredibly popular on Android.

out of 10...
gfx - 8.5 (clean, polished, but may need an increased framerate)
sfx - 9.5 (music feels intellectual and sfx are very clean)
design - 10 (perfect design, good combo of strategy/action/puzzle)
gameplay - 9 (a breeze to learn, challenging to master)

overall, this is a real breath of fresh air in the world of retro-reboots. I didn't play the game it was inspired by, so I don't know how much is lifted from that. I don't care, though, because this is a very intuitive game with simple mechanics and theory working together to create something we haven't seen yet. Brilliant!

amidos2006 responds:

the other game I am inspired by its graphics almost :) but nothing in gameplay :) thnx for the amazing review :)

A nice game. I like how you presented it, and the idea is great. Couldn't get past level 12, but I love how the difficulty increases each level, and I love the simple way new elements are introduced. Good job.