Reviews for "Snazzle"

great game. little tip: it would be cool if the snake would move slowlier, it would fit the mude of the music and would be more clear, because you nearly don't see the snake moving along your path

A walkthrough would be wonderful; I'm currently stuck on level 12. Otherwise fantastic game.
As mentioned some of the levels can be completed by using less than the 'minimum' number of arrows.
Level 7 for instance can be completed with 5 arrows instead of 6.

Awesome stuff. Snazzle has a great style to it that doesn't make you feel rushed or punished for doing poorly. The levels are a challenge to get on par, and make for a very lengthy distraction.
I really loved everything from the look and sound, to the interface and simplicity of everything presented. It immediately makes sense and establishes mechanics with little to no trial-and-error necessary.
Great job. Loved it.

It' fun, good, and polished, however there should really be a faster way of imputing. Changing the direction of each individual arrow is frustrating. A possible solution is having input as click and drag and calculating the direction for the player.

This game was alright. I really feel the music fit the visuals well