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Reviews for "Snazzle"

A walkthrough would be wonderful; I'm currently stuck on level 12. Otherwise fantastic game.
As mentioned some of the levels can be completed by using less than the 'minimum' number of arrows.
Level 7 for instance can be completed with 5 arrows instead of 6.

Awesome stuff. Snazzle has a great style to it that doesn't make you feel rushed or punished for doing poorly. The levels are a challenge to get on par, and make for a very lengthy distraction.
I really loved everything from the look and sound, to the interface and simplicity of everything presented. It immediately makes sense and establishes mechanics with little to no trial-and-error necessary.
Great job. Loved it.

It' fun, good, and polished, however there should really be a faster way of imputing. Changing the direction of each individual arrow is frustrating. A possible solution is having input as click and drag and calculating the direction for the player.

This game was alright. I really feel the music fit the visuals well

Cool game.
I passed lvl 12 with 19/26. Completely forgot how I did it :p
You should update the game so that it saves your best solution.