Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

This is a good game, but for a story based game, the platforming is quite dickish. Especially level 20 is mostly pixel jumping.

It is really good, but I found a bug. On level 11, the mid-level block on the very right, I jumped with the white guy and got stuck IN the block and fell off the side kind of like in the game Shift. I could walk in the black area but not get out.

Other than that, a very fun game.

Simple love story is quite good.
Challenging, but there is/are one or two levels are placed in the wrong order(they are actually easy).
Calculations of distances are pretty accurate.
Graphics can be improved.

Very nice. It is very challenging and you really have to think things through to pass the levels. Especially the last one. Ridiculously hard! I passed it though. The story is very nice. Him climbing up the platforms is him escaping from his eternal rest with the help of his conscious. Really nice story. Great job.

Pretty good game. Nice story and gameplay.
Congrats to you...