Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

How to pass level 5? Althou game is cool, awesome good, etc. ;)

I enjoyed this the Music was amazing and it is a nice puzzle game.
But after lvl 14 it was getting kinda easy but honestly lvl 20 was a real pain in the ass!

Does anyone else get a malnfunction where the character keeps moving even though you let go of the button?

I enjoyed this. The music, the story, and the gameplay are all good.

The ending was definitely not what I initially expected... when 'it' told you that she never left you, I though that it would turn out that it was her and you didn't recognize her somehow. I started suspecting the real ending when it told you you had to 'climb up to get out', and after some of the more 'lucid' dreams.

Anyway, great game! Kinda reminds me of The Company of Myself a bit in terms of game play.