Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

Great game, but level 20 was a pain to beat.
I loved the music and graphics.
Oh, and I got stuck in the wall one, but that's not a big deal.
Overall: Good game.

"Jumping on its head reminds me of her"? Just what kind of relationship was this?
Mediocre graphics, a good time killer. The music was painfully sweet.

'Glad to be with her again. The background is way better than the first Lonely no more and the music is way better too. That's pretty good.

Oh .... Pretty good, I finished all the levels.. some hints for those that are stuck:

- The black one is smaller, so don't worry about hitting his head, he can jump further than the white one;
- The white is taller, so watch his head, he can jump higher than the black one.

This will help you to finish the game with no problem.

PS. please can someone write down all the phrases in only one text, I would love to read fully without worry about the fall ^^

i cant get past 3