Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

LOL! In this game the white guy has problems jumping. WTF...

I suck at this game, haha. But it is such a beautiful and elegant game that it didn't bother me :)
I rated it a 4.5 since it is a little too difficult for me. good work!

Great game. Everything in it is high quality. The puzzles were challenging. However, the last level made me want to punt a baby. Checkpoints would have been nice since the slightest mistake can send you all the way back to the beginning of the level. Perhaps it is symbolic though. The last level could be so difficult to symbolize the ridiculous lengths that we go for love. Either that or it was just difficult since it was the last level.


Hi-ho ?

I decided to play this game (and the one before it when I saw this one was a sequel) because of the title being the same as a Vonnegut book, you should look it up some time.

Other than this bearing no resemblance to the book (after my initial disappointment there-of) this was a sweet and simple story. and the gameplay, while frustrating at times, made a great accompaniment and counterpoint to the story. Near the end I could feel hisdetermination to reach his beloved. Nice game.