Reviews for "Lonely No More 2"

I honestly had more trouble with all the other levels. I figured out the double jump early on when they said to jump off each other. I fell once in level 20, and that was only a short drop since there are so many platforms. you just have to be careful and go slow. very nice.

Hey Level 20 is actually easy once I figured out I could double jump. Basically you can have the black figure jump and the white figure jump simultaneously while one is on top of the other and have the figure on top jump again while in mid air. It makes it so much easier. Besides that, great game :-)

i actually just made an account to tell you how much i love your music.
also, i love this type of game. how it tells a story the whole way through. good job!

Nope, Level 20 still sucks. One fuck up and you have to restart. Other than that it's cool. I like to play with another person, it's awesome that way.

I'm sorry, but Level 20 is just... bad. In all the other levels, if you fuck up, oh it's just a small room, no problem. But in this level, if you fuck up, you have to keep playing the same long level over and over again... miss a jump? Gotta redo that segment. If you aren't sure how to complete a segment and you try to experiment, you force yourself to redo the lower segments over and over due to your inevitable descent. The rest of the game is good and granted, Level 20s bits are cool, but being forced to play them over and over again due to minor mistakes is frustratingly hard and not worth doing.

badgerman18 responds:

Thank you for your feedback. I believe I should have implemented a checkpoint system in level 20 in order to alleviate the repetitiveness.