Reviews for "SS - Universal Geometry"

Very interesting I will most definitely try this sometime when I am in need of meaning. :) As always, thank you for sharing. :)

At first I thought that the movie segments were to distracting....But I found them to be very important.......Very Nice, Jordan....er ...I mean Spirit Patch....:)

Very insightful video that not only dives into the realm of rarely discussed topics such as sacred geometry but its presented in such a beautiful way that offers a lot of interesting ideas and information about sacred geometry! It's also a bonus that they site all their sources and offer links that can assist us to easily explore other informative and thought provoking ideas!

Very insightful series. The beauty of this series is not just in ideas that it is conveying but in the fact that the information is presented objectively and allows for the viewer to interpret its meaning without spelling everything out, and telling the viewer what to believe or how things should be interpreted. This episode helps to further outline how interconnected individual systems actually are, and how we can use this knowledge to not only better ourselves, but others, and the world as a whole through sacred geometry.

These guys are awesome, and should been seen more.