Reviews for "SS - Universal Geometry"

Mathematics is the rules of existance.

Dreams are unstructured.

Only when a consciousness is structured can form and reality be called into existence.

Math and Emotions are the dual keys to shaping the universe!

while I agree with this "shape theory" as I'll call it, there is a fundamental mistake, you need to bring it into three dimensions, as our universe is such, then perhaps even greater understanding is possible

RiverJordan responds:

Ohh i definitely agree! There's PLENTY to talk about ;)

I'll freely admit that the way you see the world around you isn't for me. It just doesn't harmonize with what I've come to understand. That said, I can see you care deeply for your beliefs and put tons of effort into sharing them through these videos. Very well done. I may disagree with a number of the points you make, but that doesn't make them any less interesting to hear. Keep it up.

Very interesting stuff. Although I'm not usually into this kinda stuff, the use of the shapes for brainstorming is definitely interesting. I may not use it myself, but I know a few people I'll spread the word to.

I have to say that this is a really well made cartoon. It keeps reminding me of Deepak Chopra. I have never actually read much of him, but my mom is a huge fan of him. I really liked the graphics in this. At first, I was afraid you wouldn't have sources cited. While you technically didn't in the strictest sense, you did show some nice clips.

In fact, this seemed to be a different kind of cartoon altogether. My favorite part was probably learning about the spherical things at the end. I guess you can look at this more like philosophy than science or for that matter, pseudoscience. The animations are nice too. I bet poxpower hates you too.