Reviews for "SS - Universal Geometry"

It's such a shame.

You are on the right track, and use a lot of correct source material, but then some of your conclusions go ape shit. You use true facts, and then say things like crystals are real and Martians existed.

You're on the right track and clearly want to learn the truth, that's your only bias. You really believe what you say, I believe that. However, if you're going to market this as "Spirit SCIENCE", speak Science, infer what you're getting at, and leave it. Anything more than that is insulting.

It's like on the History Channel, they say things like "The pyramids couldn't have built themselves. I'm not saying they didn't, and I'm not saying aliens did, but aliens did it."

Much of what you say is true, and I'm agreeing with you, then there's always the conclusion I disagree with. Most often because you skip many steps and provide little evidence for the actual conclusion, even though the conclusion was partially formed by the truth, so it makes it hard for most people to distinguish what's true and what isn't.

What's true and accurate is a very delicate thing, very fragile and easily breakbale. You need to look at everything skeptically, meaning if someone you know tells you a story that supports what you believe, look at it skeptically. Part of Science is saying things and coming to conclusions that you MAY NOT like. So your friend might tell you an amazing story of an out of body experience, or aliens, or crystals, etc. That doesn't mean it happened, you need to look and skepticism and ask questions if you really want to get down to the bottom of things.

You need to say, which one is more logical in this situation, A, or B?

I know you're already really deep into this stuff, and your heart is in the right place. If I thought this was true, I'd be preaching it also. However, I met you a few years ago when you weren't even into this stuff, and were just a normal guy. I know you feel it's your calling, and that you've stumbled on the greatest secrets of life, and that's great, but you also need to be realistic sometimes.

The idea of you being able to unlock the universe is an amazing one, everyone wants that. So I worry that the allure of that idea itself can corrupt and pollute you, because you want so badly to answer every unanswerable question.

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson put it;
"If you want to remain a scientist, you have to learn to love the questions themselves,"

I know you're no scientist, but I do know you seek the truth. You must accept some things in our life time are just not knowable. I know your cause is in the right place, but I worry how you're marketing it as actual science may cripple people to stop questioning things, stop being skeptical, and stop seeking the truth. Why seek the truth if you think you already have it? At that point, they're just going to try to spread what they think is the ultimate truth of the universe.

I'm not saying you're wrong, or anyone else is, I'm saying if you really seek the truth, part of that is being able to drop everything you think is true if it is proven to be false. Part of Science is updating itself to be more accurate and better at identifying how the world works. These ideas might be really fun and interesting, but ultimately, would you be able to drop every single one of them, if somehow, they were all proved to be false?

I think your answer to that may dictate how much you really want to know and how much you want to think you know.

I know this review most likely will not change your mind, and I'm not trying to, believe me. It's just disappointing to see someone with this much passion and love for the truth, and for Science, and then wandering off in a different direction. Some of the most undeniably true things are hard to believe.

If you really do seek the truth, which I know you do, try being more skeptical and ask more questions, and perhaps don't buy into everything, even if it fits into your idea of how the universe or world works. That makes you a target for con artists.

Take care, and good luck.

RiverJordan responds:

Hey Zach, thank you for the beautiful review. You put a lot of effort and energy into writing this, and for that i commend you. I also feel that this merits a reply, and i hope that you hear me as much as i hear you :)

I completely agree! We have to ask questions about everything, we have to always ask questions to go deeper to understand the Truth. I also feel that truth is something you inherintly know within, if you are tuned into it.

We are all like little radios, with our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, we tune into different frequencies. We can tune into lies and deceit (which there is a lot of on the planet), or we can tune to harmony, feeling good, and inner knowing and peace.

Spirit Science for me, is about the exploration and discussion of ideas. Yes, i realize i present it in a way that says "This is how this works". That's how it's given to me and how i receive it. EVERYTHING is open for discussion, totally. But i think when Plato and modern science says for over 2000 years that "YES - these geometries make up the universe", it's safe to say that i too can talk about it in that way. (And yeah, maybe he's wrong, maybe it's something else entirely! Come figure it out with me, instead of saying "I don't know and its going to stay that way".

A mind is not to be tied down like a dog on a leash, it needs to be FREE!!! To grow, develop new ideas, and explore reality in new ways!

Thanks old friend, you're an awesome cat!

Keep it coming :) love this videos and they are very cool, hope to see more.

Keep making vidoes, please. Thank you. Your videos got my boyfriend interested in spirituality. I had been frustrated at his lack of interest in spiritual activity. Now he wants to learn more things. I am a very spiritual person, and this may help us greatly.

Very good video. The style of the video is easy to follow, and it provides valuable brainstorming methods.

I might find some of those ideas of our consciousness more acceptable if explained as flowing out of simple patterns despite all current sciences lack of understanding of it if you put it into a form/pattern/diagram where the whole is greater than the some of all the parts. Synergistically, if that were a word, that like many new ideas, tech or breakthroughs create a new or higher level of energy/stuff.

I dunno, Doomeroar's comment made me speak up. As far as not understanding consciousness or other in the material plane it could be comparable to many higher theoretical mathematics that cant be physically demonstrated though they can be proven on paper just like simpler physics/math or physical entities. Some of this stuff at this level makes sense for us NOT to be able to see or 'grasp' it simply. Example? We are 3 dimensional objects but can we envision a 2 dimensional creature we drew on paper to be able to 'look' at us in the 3rd dimension or be trapped looking forward, back, up or down? How we do look at something that technically isnt within our line of sight in 3-D space? Sorry, I blabber, good stuff Jordan, I cant believe how many of these you got up so fast-how long have you been working in spirit science?

RiverJordan responds:

hey EC!

You're right, there is a lot to discuss about what consciousness is, and what you're talking about is also related to dimension, and density.

From what i have read, we perceive at a 4th dimensional awareness, INTO our 3 dimensional bodies. Our thoughts and emotions exist at a higher frequency than that, and we are multidimensional, but we've been "stuck" in 3D for a long time.

Moving into a higher dimension means becoming far more aware of 3D. I think it's almost like having a camera behind you in a video game, aware of whats all around you at once, rather than just perceiving from your optic nerves. Instead of seeing lots of 2D planes stacked in 3D, you see a bunch of 3D planes existing simultanously... i know that doesn't make the most amount of sense, but maybe it will someday..or perhaps we'll understand something completely different!