Reviews for "SS - Universal Geometry"

man i just cant accept your definition of consciousness if it happens that our material self is in fact just a pattern of a very simplistic geometric design that's fine, but to explain consciousness as part of it can't be more wrong since we haven't even come to solve at least one of the hard problems of consciousness, the easy ones are still obtusely solved and are strongly subject to change, and even more important than that the sole definition of consciousness is still after all this years still undeveloped, what is more to postulate it as part of a geometric design when we can't even assure it as a part of the realm inside the one of experience goes against the theory of dualism that is mentioned in this very video. but well all this can be explained better if you give me a short reply with a clearer idea of what you perceive as consciousness because i watched this video using my understandings of the concept and that can affect drastically my response if you convince me i will gladly give you some well deserved 5 stars, now this can be a bit difficult, as so far i don't particularly believe in the power the mind can have over material entities, other that those connected to our own body system.

RiverJordan responds:

Okay, i believe Source Consciousness is the infinite field of awareness of the Unified Field. Everything comes from a point of singularity, and energy is created all around this point. (Check out Nassim's Black Whole, which is a movie explaining Black holes and consciousness).

Everything in reality is just vibrating waves of light, and light is from which everything comes. Light is a solid that fractals into smaller bits of information until they stack together in such ways to build the building blocks of everything.

very informative

Very skillful animation, along with a very thoughtful and deep meaning.
5/5 :)

Blah that's a lot of information I think my brain exploded since I was expecting a short flash of some cow farting on a turtle! Totally newground worthy! Give me that and you got all my 5's for life!

The Spirit Science video series had an incredible impact on my life, leading me to many amazing new ideas, challenges and growth. They are an inspiration and a major blessing in this world!