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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

Good Job... One Like One Sub XD

I definitely cherished the game. My controls were not choppy, and I suffered no lag. A commendable game! Getting all the treasure was not as accessible as it was pleasurable! A grotesque stage dilapidation-er. Well done.

Can someone please tell me where the "Gnomic Treasure" is?

Very fun game

A fun entry, it had lots too offer and lots to entertain me and many others with i suppose, These types of entries are really fun and like i said bring a certain something to the table, Very good stuff here. OK great game i love the whole "SPRITE" feel of it all, but it was a good and fun game, the graphics are nice the "CONTROLLS" are easy to adapt to and respond well, the concept of the game is basic yet still fun and entertaining, so i really enjoyed the game especially for all the different medals and thats what really made it fun for me, There was no realy issies with the game, it was overall a fun game. Like i said this was an interesting submission, i wouldnt mind seeing some more, with more nifty stuff going on, You do have some entertaining value to it all, but would like to see more stuff goingon, but it is pretty good.

So sometimes i may or may not have some improvment ideas, with this one not so sure, but i will do my best to bring up some ideas here maybe some suggestions but if you dont see anything then that means you had it down just right. No real improvments are needed overall it was a fun and pleasent game.

Awesome game, I loved it and will wait for some kind of sequel.
Although lags, its been a great hour. Nice music, awesome graphic, mini-games, secrets (how to get breaker_O), all of its leaves a magnificent impression about game after ending it
After frog, there is no doubt in 5/5