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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

Honestly, the game didn't bring me very much fun , but it's normal, because I find that this game is more for little kids and not for people as old as me. I say that kids of 9 or 10 years old and less would like the game. Of course, anybody having a computer and internet can play it if it want to, not only kids. There's some lags that are a bit boring. Maybe this should be fixed.

This game was awesome. There were no bad parts about this game, I felt. I'm glad I found this.

Terrible TERRIBLE controls, but in spite of that I played a surprisingly long time. Please, if you do more with this engine, make the movements less jerky. The tips of my fingers are kinda throbby...

Anyway, the graphics and music were OK. They had a kinda 90s lo-fi feel, lol. Must be something to do with turning photos into pixel art. I liked exploring, so the level design wasn't too terrible. But, yeah...the controls... I'm pretty sure I'd love this game if it was more playable.

Also, save point guy was awesome. XD

The most annoyning part of this game for me is that stupid tree still good game

I fall into the wall and couldn`t get out. I cann`t restart, cann`t get out. That`s why only 3,5.