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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

Great game and all but it get so laggy when I run! Please fix that!

I personally lked the game but everytime i would move it would be a bit jerky i really didn't like that theanimations were nice didn't really get far because of the jerkines of the controlls so i cannot rate you on storyline so 9/10

I like this game, hope it gets a sequel.

The coin races are kinda fun and I like how the music sounds suspiciously similar to Super Mario Galaxy's Purple Coin missions. On that note this game could probably save the best times for coin races. Gives speedrunners a reason to come back for more.

Another casual platformer it seems?

Nothing really to add, my only issues with the game is the sliding, like everything was covered in some oil, also the jumping could be tweaked a bit with.

It looks like a good game I would enjoy :) Though I'm sorry I just can't play through the lag T^T