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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

I couldn't really play this game, I have tried to play through the lag, but it seems there is far too much of a delay on everything.

awesome game. only thing i noticed was that when i collected the necklace, the words that show up for collecting treasure were hidden by the ground. and my medals didnt unlock for some reason. otherwise i thought this game was cute and very fun.

I like it! The sound is great and really matches the environment! The non-linear game play sort of matches the atmosphere as well. I can catch a hint of exploration in the game!

My problem though is that the controls can sometimes feel slippery and sometimes choppy, at the same time, I almost thought the game froze when I was saving. Perhaps a small window that says "saving..." on it might let players know that they are saving and that the game hasn't froze. It's really just small nit-picky stuff nothing big... Other than that this game is so much fun!

Why does this game lag so goddamn much? I'd love this game if it didn't slow down and mess me up constantly.

Awesome, awesome game :) I absolutely loved it! Sure, it lags, but it is so worth it! I played the entire game through & found it to be so much fun. I love the story line and the little mini games of collecting coins. Just a perfect game in my opinion :D Great job!