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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

Not playable because of lags.

little glitch.........

Pretty amazing game. Plus, I like that little jab at Minecraft you sneaked in on that "pick-axe" part.

Pretty great all-around. I found all but one of the treasures before finishing the game, I might go back to try and find that last one.

Had a metroidvania feel to it, and in my opinion, that is the BEST feeling a game can have, even in one as short as this.

EDIT: Ver 1.5 is up. Is that why all my badges are now gone? I had almost all of them earlier double jump glide f.i.s.t. all perfects on the races except for that stupid tree one where you can't see what you are doing and bouncing off the platforms like you are a rubber ball. A map would be nice so a person can see where they have been instead of running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to remember where the heck this thing or that thing was. Double jumping seems a bit over sensitive especially when trying to jump on a small platform above you without over shooting it. Guess I will try something else I don't really feel like playing it again just to get the badges again that I already had.