Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

A little glitchy but it mixes LoZ with Megaman so pretty much like having a Ice Cream & Potato Chips sandwich. One of the coolest entries in the Stencyl Jam

I like it however it is too laggy to play. If you could link me to a none laggy version I'd give it a much better review.
However if it wasn't laggy it would be epic :)

Platforms are too slippery.I hate it.

This a good game.But sometimes when i glide goes up to the sky.

Great game, although there are a couple glitches. First one: the ram screech. Secondly, if you are gliding towards water that's running down a hill, and continue holding your course when you collide, you can reach the end of the hill and keep gliding upwards until you hit something.