Reviews for "StickMan Sam 10"

Good game, but there's one problem: I earn the in-game achievements, but the correspondent medals don't work for me.
Can you fix this? (PM me, please)

io3creations responds:

The medals seem to work for some but not for others.

I updated the game. Try reloading the page (or open the page if you already closed it).
You should see v1.0.1 on the main menu (near the right bottom corner above my website's link). Click the in game 'Awards' button. If you see the awards, then those are stored on your computer. At this point if the NG connection is fine, your medals should be unlocked.

When you received the medals, the game was able to save the Flash cookies.
The game file is v1.0.1 and not v1.0.0. If you are seeing v1.0.0, empty the Internet browser temporary files (but not the Flash cookies).

If Someone want more color for customizing is character, go check at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colo rs for Hex color codes. It really works when you copy a code.

io3creations responds:

Yes, it does work! :)

good, but I couldn' get any medals either so had to take away a star.

io3creations responds:

Strange. As I mentioned it to someone else, they did work for me and if you look at recent posters' accounts, the medals are there. Perhaps the connection is lost to the NG server.

the impossible is possible medal i would've proed it easly but it was da fucking coins that screwed me over cuz i wanted the coin medals too

io3creations responds:

Yep. You have to get those two separately. The only exception is that if you are a ninja! :D

i went to the settings and gues what? i had to reload the whole game because i could not leave the settings menu. and after reloading the only thing that i could do was changing the look of the character.

io3creations responds:

Strange. It seems to be working for me.