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Reviews for "StickMan Sam 10"


io3creations responds:

Great! :D

I'm on top of the list W00T!

io3creations responds:

Good for you! :)

author you are azing this is awesome tho i wonder why create a 5 if this is ten but that doesnt affact still a awesome game make more and one more thing opstcales

io3creations responds:

Thanks! This one was intended as a "simple" game.
Since there are Parts 1,2,3,4 with a "storyline", I want to continue that.

Wow. A poster who replies to ALL comments on his game. Your very dedicated.

Game was a nice timekiller. The graphics were nice and pleasing, and the overall game was simple, yet playable. Nice job.
4/5 Good game.

io3creations responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that overall you liked the game! :)

I usually reply if I have the time.

Yay, i love stickan Sam ... though i wish there was more of the conversations between the Intercom and Sam, they're usually interesting to read. but i like it, nice job xD

io3creations responds:

Thank you! :)

There will be more conversation next time :)