Reviews for "Au79: SAVIOR "

Not bad. It's not the worst thing i'v seen, and no where near it. I feel that it could have been better if you maybe had more time, but that's probably just me. Good work though.

Bad intros.
No relationships.
No story other than "Giant robot terrorizing bridge"
Low FPS.

This is something that I won't remember as my life flashes me by.

Well made and poorly made at the same time. A good effort nonetheless and quite enjoyable. More practice is required to make truly lifelike motions as well as functionl character design. The fluidity of motion is excellent but slightly choppy, although that might just have been my computer. All in all good job, looking forward to more XD


It's good but I had to turn the quality down to low to watch most of the scenes, and the scene where the male robot is flying towards the big guy still lagged badly.

Way boss man, way boss.