Reviews for "Au79: SAVIOR "

make it longer and harder to defeat the bad guy and you will get 5 stars.

The death of that robot was too sudden :( It should be a little tough to take down that big robot, the action should of been a little fast in my opinion just a few frames faster. I like that Robot Cop i'd tap it if I were a robot.

the cop-bot looked kinda cute for a robot.

Awesome :D

The only thing that keeps it from 5/5 is :
The length
The sudden ending
And that there should have been a few more in-between frames.

It was kind of a hit and a miss for me. I liked the general look of the flash but the animation was just stalled as hell. It wasn't up until the Iron-Man-esque robot came in did it get fluid. Also, the premise was just kind of "meh." A random robot attacking a bridge just felt boring.