Reviews for "Au79: SAVIOR "

awesome stuff! couldnt tell who was who, nice shit!

Great animation, it was... just so fluid! One thing I think should have been doen better is the gun shots for the big robot. I think they should have sounded more powerful, more echo... Otherwise, outstanding film!

Thought the animations were rather stiff... even if they WERE rigid robots :P

Cool stuff. Is this an American holiday, eek!

Anyways, cool short. As much as I liked this approach of animation (not sure how to reference it, actually), I feel like the choppy/lagging nature of the drawing detracted a bit from the more high-action scenes in the work. Not sure if it was a bit-rate issue or otherwise, but I would have like this more with less jumpiness, as I don't think it compliments the whole animation. Note that I am basing this review on this being the first Zombie Pimp work I've watched!

Hope to see more!

Awsome shit rite there guys! Congrats on the frontpage, you deserved it!

Zombie-pimp: nice to see you're still doing animations, this shit is banging!!
Greets from your old friend hexar (form the old mc forums)