Reviews for "Au79: SAVIOR "

was good but the frame by frame rate was rely slow i watched it 2 times to see if that was it my computer but it did it both times so the video was jerky. but art animation and everything else was well done

i gotta say, seraph is right. i have seen alot of your stuff, zombie, and it is usually alot better than this. while i myself have NO animation skills, and this is far better than anything i could possibly attempt, you are better. to be honest, i have no clue who Jazlyte is, so i cant say anything about him/her, and once again, agreeing with seraph, the music doesnt quite fit. it isnt an obscene mismatch, but it leaves one wanting... more intensity. but past that (and the lack of story) it is great. but only a 8/10 great, but not perfect.

great animation but i notice that near the beginning the robots head was like to much to the right
great animation tho

Not bad, but I've seen better from both of you.

To Zombie Pimp: While it's great to see you back here; this was a bit disappointing and I would like to see Limiter Removal be continued.

To Kalen (JazLyte): While this isn't your best, I have to approve of your work ethics. (Something that I need to work on.)

Animation: This isn't as good as many of your previous works, but it's still decent none-the-less. While this has some good frame-by-frame work, but it was offset by stiffly done tweening. If you're going to do tweened segments, I suggest that you take a look at what McFretN has done years ago. On the other hand, the character designs are decent and you have nice colors that were used.
Sound: You guys did a great job on the sound effects, but the music that was chosen for this didn't fit the action. I think that any of Waterflame's Control songs or Xenith800's Sentient would have made this more engaging.
Content: As much as I liked your angles and pacing; these types of fights have gotten homogenized over the years. I mean, there wasn't any real setup to this considering that the average SunnyGOES fight cartoon had proper setups. In addition, the choreography lacked any real sense of intensity when you compare this to that aforementioned author. However, at least the aforementioned direction sort of compensated for those flaws.

What was good:
-Good pace and clever angle selection
-Nice character design and colors
-Decent sound effects

What wasn't so good:
-Inconsistent animation quality
-Not very original
-The fighting lacked any real sense of intensity
-Out of place music

Overall: I hate having to say something like this, but hopefully you'll do better next time. Here's a seven for both of you on the merit of effort. (3.5/5)

Those are some awesome animation skills you got there guys, grats for the awesomeness and the fp.
Great music too :)