Reviews for "Au79: SAVIOR "

I really liked this. I think you a lot of potential as a animator. It felt kinda slightly sluggish at times, but overall great job.

I can't help but think the heroes were inspired by iron man and Arcee...

this was pretty sweet i was just wondering though, Was the animation supposed to move very stiff like?

Nice animation and sound effects but I have one simple problem. The music sounded a bit too soft and un-exiting. It ruined the pace of the animation for me. I like how the cartoon looks. It had nice effects and was well done. The sound effects were crisp and enjoyable. I look forward to whatever you guys have next in store.

Four Stars cause i'm saving the fifth for when you get your act together and reach your potential. Short but too short is better than too long. Each action sequence was well thought out but lacked clean flow from one to the other. Your style looks original but needs more work to become really yours. I have you on my favs list and look forward to your next sub.