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Reviews for "King's Game"

I find it strange how people call this an Angry Birds ripoff, while Angry Birds itself is a ripoff.
I thought this was a great game, played all the way through.

its just the same thing as angry birds but with soldiers and kings instead

Overall this is a really fun game in the same vein as Crush the Castle and Angry Birds. Most people will agree that this genre has been flooded with remakes and rip offs but I had a really good time playing this one. My only complaint is that the Buckshot is extremely over powered. I only had to use it for most of the game and I don't think I ever saw the enemy shoot back even once. i completed every level with one shot. That is the only thing in the game that I encountered that I think needs to be fixed. Good Job Keep making games!

So basically...it's an Angry Birds ripoff...but with super annoying sounds and bad physics...also, when I make my cannon full power, it sometimes launches without me letting go.

A few glitches in the game, but I thought the game was awesome overall. When the small bugs are worked out, it'd be perfect.