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Reviews for "King's Game"

Repeatedly using restart causes the game to glitch. Other than that it was nothing new but fairly fun.

Awesome game! The only thing that I saw wrong with the game is the other king ALWAYS fires whatever round you fired last. I wish that he made a choice on his own. Also, the collectibles were an good touch, please add more! I cant wait till the next batch of levels and see what new ammo and upgrades we get! You have to add a large cannon ball !

Angry Birds with other face

A charming game, save one really deal-breaker bug: If I at any time click restart, it hangs. Specifically, it loads to a frozen image of the level with my king in the animation of preparing a shot - with a charge meter, uncharged, and dotted line aiming guide. The king does not respond if clicked, and the screen scrolls only by clicking and dragging. Returning to the level select screen from here and reselecting the level gives a frozen screen of the king in neutral position instead of preparing a shot. I have no idea what's causing this, look into it?

With some further testing it appears the restart button in the pause menu is safe. Error occurred when using both the r key and the restart button at the top-right during play.

no, im not King, maybe Quenn :)
i realy like this type of game, im mister of this game!
Crash castle, crash princess.. oh wait.. i forgot
Replay :P
Okey, one more time.
This game is realy interesing.
Any of this type of game.