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Reviews for "King's Game"

gets boring after awhile

At first I was going to say "hey, have Angry Birds with medieval theme", but then, I realized there is a lot more into it, wich took the bad first impression away. The simple fact that you can lose the game by having all your warriors getting killed is a great challenging idea, having you rush to defeat your enemies not only to win stars but to guarantee you will wreck him before he does it to you! Not to mention the levels in wich you have different requirements to win. Good job.

I have to say that its not an orignal idea but it is really Fun! i like how its not to easy but not too hard its perfect. It can get repetitive though but im only on the first part but i love it!

It was pretty fun, albeit not original, but there are some bugs.
I haven't finished the game, so I don't know all of the bugs, but sometimes the structures will load weirdly and destroy some items naturally.

The game was a bit too easy.
This was not an original concept...but hell did you make it awesome.